5 Steps To Find The Best Waxing Center

Searching for a waxing salon is flat out nerve racking!  When there are so many waxing boutiques in Austin, how are you supposed to figure out which one is the best?   Waxing is already a painful experience, so having to try out multiple companies in order to find the right one isn’t very fun.  Hopefully these steps will help you to avoid wasting time and money. Here are “The 5 steps to find the best waxing center”!

Step #1: Location

The first thing that comes to mind is location.  Do you pass by that area frequently? Is it out of the way?  I don’t mind driving 15-30 minutes for an appointment, but anything longer than that can be frustrating.  I would much rather go to a location that is close to either my home or work.  A wax center with a convenient location will make it easier for you to stick to a consistent waxing schedule.

Step #2: Cleanliness

If the wax center is dirty, walk away!  This is incredibly important when looking for your forever wax home.  Is the waxer wearing gloves?  Are they double dipping their wax sticks?  Is there wax all over the floor?  Do they put a cloth or sheet over the wax table or paper that is changed after every client? You don’t want to risk getting an infection or disease because the company doesn’t take care of its salon.

Step #3: Feeling Comfortable

The biggest factor I look for is being able to connect with my waxer.  Waxing is such a private and personal experience, you really want to make sure you feel comfortable.  The appointment is less awkward if you genuinely enjoy the waxers company.  Plus, going to a waxer that you connect with will keep you from ever going to another company again.

Step #4: A Job Well Done

Obviously, you want to be happy with your wax appointment!  Do they do a good job?  Do they listen to what you want out of the appointment?  Did they remove all the hair you wanted?  A great waxer will try their best to make the appointment as quick and painless as possible.  You want them to really pay attention to what you want, not what they want.  Find an Esthetician who really enjoys their job.  You can definitely tell a difference between someone who just does it to make money, compared to someone who is passionate about waxing.  For eyebrow or bikini waxing especially, I know a lot of people who have gone to multi-use salons or nail salons and walked out in tears.  Be sure to go to a wax center who specializes in waxing. This should ensure they don’t mess something up!

Step #5: Reviews

I always check out a companies reviews in order to learn more about them.  This is the best way to get honest feedback from customers before experiencing it yourself.  Reviews can make or break a wax center.  Multiple bad reviews will definitely make me second guess whether I really want to go there or not!

My Favorite Wax Center

Personally, out of all the wax salons I have been to in Austin,HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor is my favorite!  They are incredibly friendly and make me feel comfortable. We have always have great conversations.  The salon is impeccably clean and they use hard wax.  However, they only has a North location so most people in South Austin probably wouldn’t want to make the drive.  For everyone in South Austin, I would recommend Wax That! They are located off South Congress and use soft wax.  Everyone has a different preference, so it’s ok to try out a couple salons before you pick one.  Do what is best for you!